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Partch Clip The Next Generation Clip-On Artwork For Your Trucker Hats and Clothes

Man and woman casual chic with fashion trucker hats green and white and the Art patches
Men leather black jacket and fashion trucker hat in red with Partch-clip interchangeable

What Is The Partch Clip Made Of?

All Fashion is Art, but the PARTCH Clip Collection takes things to the next level. By adding original works of Art from World-Class Artists to an interchangeable clip-on patch—Partch was born. This innovative luxury fashion accessory reimagines high-end trucker hats, empowering you to express your mood as it changes. Or your style as you go from one location to the next. But don’t let the word “patch” fool you, as there’s no embroidery, no Velcro, and no Magnets on these 100% recyclable patches.

The Sustainable Partch Clip

The Partch clip is handmade from 100% Aluminum high purity with a black matte finish. The Artwork is printed in high definition. By printing on Aluminum, you will enjoy exceptional detail and color resolution. Also, a fade resistant and sustainable fashion accessory that doubles as a miniature Work of Art. The printing quality is so impressive, that most think the patch is a miniature painting!

Why aluminum?

Responsible fashion is designed to last. It considers its impact on our environment and natural resources. We selected aluminum because it is 100% recyclable, infinitely recyclable, and recycling aluminum only requires 5% of the energy required to extract new aluminum from ore. In the world of fast fashion, this is impressive!

Another reason we chose aluminum for our patches, is because it ensures that our interchangeable patches would stand the test of time. Not only will you enjoy the stylized look of your hat’s artwork, but aluminum is:

  • UV resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Moisture resistant
  • Fade resistant
  • Shockproof

So, your Partch patch will look as good today as it does in a decade!

And the rest of the hat? It’s made from premium textiles and technology to ensure comfort and that it holds its shape. When your hat begins to wear, keep the interchangeable aluminum patch, and find a local upcycle Artist or Designer to donate it to.

Man with red fashion trucker hat and the removable Art Partch-clip do what you love

A Clip—No Magnet and No Velcro

In keeping with the theme of sustainability, the same Partch hat can be styled countless ways, by simply clipping on a new patch.

Partch currently offers our unisex hats in Black, White, Khaki Green, Red, Pink, Gray, Blue, Yellow And Navy Blue. Each cap you order comes with one patch, and you can order additional patches to mix and match with your outfit, mood, or wherever the day takes you. The patches are curved to ensure they lay flat against your hat, without anyone knowing it’s interchangeable.

The design team quickly ruled out Velcro and Magnets to hold the interchangeable patches in place. While they are the seemingly obvious choices, neither ensure the hold, perfect placement, or longevity required for a high-end accessory. Instead, a secure clip was created to quickly and easily unclip the old patch, and clip on the new one.

Try on a variety of patches with each outfit to determine which one best expresses your style, personality, and mood. Order new patches when you want to mix things up.

High-End Unisex Caps

Trucker hats balance function and style, but most of us rock hats for fashion. Yes, they provide shade, but more than anything they are a trendy and timeless fashion accessory. As all hat lovers know, not all caps are created equally. Artistry isn’t enough, which is why the cap is also designed with premium textiles and enclosed in premium packaging.

Your innovative luxury fashion accessory:

  • Is lined with branded red satin
  • Comes in a satin fabric bag
  • Includes an authenticity card
  • Has genuine leather accents
  • Features a luxurious spandex peak & front
  • Has breathable mesh sides
  • Is designed with a curved brim
  • Has an adjustable closure snapback
  • Is shipped in a luxury branded packaging

It’s comfortable enough for all-day wear, stands out with stunning artistry, and as long as it’s stored properly—it holds its shape.

World-Class Artistry

All fashion is a Work of Art, but Partch patches are a signature collection of exclusive works of art from world-class artists from around the globe. This is exciting. The Partch team seeks out both well-known and little-known artists and commissions them to create exclusive 5.5 cm by 9.4 cm pieces of Art for their patches. You won’t find the same designs anywhere else other than Partch!

Some of the patches are branded, but most are stunning and unique designs featuring street art, pop art, urban art, and powerful statements to express your mood. Keep your eye out for seasonal and limited-edition patches.

Each patch features trendy but timeless artwork and new designs are added each season. The elevated design options ensure you have a patch that is suitable for a variety of settings.

Accessorize as part of your casual chic everyday styling, business casual attire, night out look, casual date night, athleisure chic, elevated street style, and more.

White trucker hat with Art roses Partch-clip interchangeable in a snap

Swap Your Style in One Second

Ever wish you could swap your cap mid-day, but don’t want to carry a second cap with you? Problem solved! Your Parch hat is easy, elegant, and exciting. It only takes one second to unclip the old patch and clip on the new one.

Maybe you want a more refined work of art at work and to make more of a statement after hours?

Or you want something a little more romantic for date night?

Or your mood changes and you want your patch to reflect your new mood?

With Partch, your options are unlimited. Swap it out anytime, anywhere, and for any reason that moves you. Inspiration may strike when least expected, so consider keeping your patches in the glove compartment of your vehicle. Being made from aluminum, they will maintain their shape and stunning appearance in all weather.

Space-Saving Design

Whether you wear hats daily, often, or only on occasion, they take up a lot of room in your closet—but not anymore!

Order the Partch patch trucker hat in your colors of choice (Black, White, Khaki Green, Red, Yellow, Pink, Grey And Navy Blue), with artful patches that match or contrast. When you are in the mood for something new, there’s no need for another hat, simply purchase another patch. That is unless you are ready for a new color cap.

Being small and lightweight, you can carry extra patches with you in your pocket, purse, laptop bag, or vehicle. While the patch is curved, it can also lay flat when needed, like when you slide it into your laptop bag. It will regain its curved shape when you take it back out.

With Partch, you can quickly re-accessorize without changing your hat. And, when selecting your first hat, you don’t have to narrow down your top options—just order one or two hats and all of your favorite patches.

A Head-Turning Talking Point

Partch was founded by French Creative Director Didier Devaux. His initial inspiration was to create a product that would help people connect and engage while out and about. An ice-breaker accessory designed to entice strangers to ask where they got their hat—with the hope of making meaningful connections along the way.

Didier Devaux is naturally social but noticed that there’s often a distance among guests at social events. Most event attendees socialize only with those they already know, or those they are introduced to by others. This inspired him to create an accessory that would help people engage.

In his wise words, Didier Devaux shares “It’s not just a hat, it’s and experience, an accessory.”

By combining his love of art and fashion he created the Partch prototype. Then, he head out of the house to test his theory—and it worked! People he’d never met before wanted to learn more. People he already knew wanted to learn more. And when he demonstrated that the patch was interchangeable, everyone loved the ability to personalize their style.

As he had hoped, beyond the initial inquiry about the hat’s artwork, the conversations continued to flow.

So, select your new accessory just as you would any other, but with the expectation that it will attract attention. As an added bonus, those who strike up a conversation with you have at least a few things in common. This could be your mutual love of hats, street style, or art. With that in mind, be prepared to engage, and hopefully make a lasting connection. Or, just to get to know someone in your outer circle a bit better.  

There’s More to Come!

Partch is on a mission, to reinvent how Art and Fashion blend with one another. To connect us all through the universal languages of Art and Fashion. To empower everyone who wears their interchangeable patches to express themselves in understated and powerful new ways. So, trucker hats are only the beginning!

The innovative luxury fashion brand is in the works of designing interchangeable patches for sneakers, belts, sandals, t-shirts,  sweatshirts, bags, accessories and other styles of hats.

If you are a fashionista who wants the ability to adapt your style to any outfit, mood, or anywhere the day takes you—shop Partch now!

Creative Director & Founder Didier Devaux @didier_dvx

Women with Navy Blue cap and black hat with two fashion women's street wear and casual chic
Partch-clips Art collections. Patches for original trucker hats PARTCH
Partch men and women luxury fashion trucker hat in kaki and black with Art logo Patches


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