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All Partch-Clips are Designed in Miami FL, USA by French Designer Didier Devaux and made from High Purity Aluminum 100% Recyclable. Colors are vibrant and the radiance is breathtaking. UV resistant, Fade resistant, Shockproof and Moisture resistant.

All fashion is a Work of Art, but Partch-Clips are a Signature Collection of exclusive Works of Art from world-class artists from around the globe. Stunning and unique designs featuring Street Art, Pop Art, Urban Art, and powerful statements to express your mood.

The company and Didier Devaux have developed the patented PARTCH-Clip™ technology.  A set of Art patches removable in one second.  Customers change their style instantly by clipping a new patch on their hat.  They experience unlimited style.  They can choose from our wide range of PARTCH branded luxury goods fitted with our ever-expanding selection of PARTCH-Clip™.  

The patches are curver to ensure they lay flat against your hat. Partch-Clip easily clips and unclips from your hat.

Responsible fashion is designed to last. It considers its impact on our environment and natural resources. We selected aluminum because it is 100% recyclable, infinitely recyclable, and recycling aluminum only requires 5% of the energy required to extract new aluminum from ore. In the world of fast fashion, this is impressive.

Another reason we chose aluminum for our patches, is because it ensures that our interchangeable patches would stand the test of time.

Our R&D activities aim to manufacture products in sustainable, environmentally friendly. Luxury, Quality, Innovation, Service.

They don't require any specific care other than soft cloth cleaning them once in a while.